All too often marketers and their agencies are so anxious to create new sales that by the time anyone thinks about the real potential of after-sale revenue (ASR), the budget is all burned up.

But re-orders, continuity purchases, referrals and rewards programs can be a significant income stream for most brands.

Don’t stop with lead-generation and conversion

Keeping your current customers engaged and satisfied with your brand is the best way to make the most out of your lead-generating and conversion stream efforts.

Developing this important personal relationship with your new customer through email, direct mail and social media can create a pipeline for income that can be mined for years to come.

Here’s why it works so well

When you bother to build a long-term relationship with your customer, they in turn feel good about spending more money with you and will rely on you for new products rather than respond to the ad they just saw on TV.

By the way, there’s research that supports this theory

Many studies show that customers don’t disengage from your brand because of price, competition or your product. They walk away because they feel that they haven’t been serviced the way they want or expected. Translated:

“If we don’t show that we care about our new customer, they find it easy not to care about us either.”

The Bottom line

Customer loyalty creates consistent revenue. Make customer retention a top priority for your next campaign