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Have you been seeing the same ads over and over?

I don’t know about you, but lately when I stream, I feel like I’m stuck in Punxsutawney—just like Bill Murray’s poor character, who despite his best attempt couldn’t escape from Groundhog Day! When I can recite the script of a commercial that I didn’t write, I know I’ve viewed the same ad a few too many times.

As a commercial spot-TV writer and producer, this makes me more than crazy. Why? Because these advertisers are spending good money on media buys that become totally ineffective or worse (now the brand makes me cringe…), because of media oversaturation.

While experts continue to debate about ad exposures and frequency, a recent research project suggested that “Ideal average exposure frequency is one to two impressions weekly over at least 10 weeks.” But we all know that the OTT media providers repeat the same commercial multiple times during the same program.

So what’s an advertiser to do? Aside from arming yourself with an expert media team, we recommend you think beyond the first spot as you produce. There are smart approaches—one of which we lovingly call the “Donut” spot that when well-planned can reap you big benefits in ad variety down the road. Intentionally writing and producing creative with several unique intros and endings is a cost-effective way to bring more variety into your campaign.

Here’s what Advertising Hall of Fame member, Mary Wells Lawrence has to say:

“You can’t run the same ad over and over again. You have to change your approach constantly to keep on getting their attention!”

Amen, Sister!