As we celebrate the anniversary of our country’s independence this week, we wondered when was the last time you incorporated the slogan “American Made” into your advertising? Once upon a time, touting “Made in the USA” was marketing must and helped build the reputations of many significant brands. But does it matter to consumers today?

Based upon the dozens of consumers DW Creative interviews as testimonials for the products we’ve supported like MyPillow, we’d conclude with a resounding “YES!”: customers feel good about supporting brands made at home. But why?

We propose that buying a product made in the USA is a value-add for customers but not the ultimate reason for a purchase. First and foremost, the brand and product has to be compelling problem solver. A Gallup Poll confirms our conjecture: 70% of American’s believe that it’s somewhat or very important for goods to be made in the USA (P.S. 70% is a lot!) The caveat is that this same group of responders indicated that they wouldn’t necessarily inconvenience themselves (i.e.: pay a lot more) in the process.

Our creative leans into this benefit but first we make sure that we’ve done our job by communicating the end benefits and superiority messages of our products, then ice-the-cake with a big, ole’ red, white and blue MADE IN THE USA!