There. I said it out loud. It’s true too. Nobody cares about your product or service. What your customers care about is themselves and solving their problems.

I bet you agree, but does your advertising prove it? Think about it. In our experience, even the best marketers often forget this important, really important fact and tend to get caught up in their latest product innovation. My guess is that just like your customers are me-focused, your company likes to look in the mirror too.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your company and what it produces. On the contrary; it’s super important for employees to be proud of their company and what they produce. But that pride should be contained in your four walls.

Everything a customer sees, hears and reads from you should address what your customer needs and what they want. There’s an old adage that rings true every time I read it: “Don’t tell your customer about your grass seed; tell him about his lawn!”

What’s really on your customer’s mind is how your product or service can solve his problem. It’s even better if you can prove that you do it better than your competition, but only if you never, ever dis them. Instead, prove your superiority with testimonials from happy customers, expert endorsements or clinical research.

You may also want to check your brand’s likeability factor. In his book “The Likeability Factor,” Tim Sanders promotes the idea that if someone likes the source of a message, they typically trust the message. Now this writes easier than it is to live out, but should remind all decision makers of the importance of your brand voice and corporate actions.