Oh, if only chanting these magic words could get your email opened by your ideal customer! But alas, it’s not that quite that easy to get the “hidden treasure” (translated to: the sale you’re after).

Of course you need to pay attention to your offer—make it easy to understand and worth the effort. Content is supremely important too, but keep it fresh, pertinent and brief. Remember to ask for the sale, and do it more than once.

But let’s face it. If you don’t have a compelling subject line, your customer will never learn about your content or your offer much less click to buy.

Here are a 5 subject line best practices that we employ for our clients’ email campaigns:

1. If the offer is spectacular, get it into the subject line. Tease it up with “open now” copy—but please don’t use “open now”.

2. Create urgency with buy-now messages like “24 hours left”, or “ 2 days only”.

3. Don’t sweat word count. Research has shown that subject line length isn’t as important as we used to think. It’s the freshness, sentiment and word choice that matters.

4. Emojis (when used sparingly) really do work.

5. Think about word plays, and bringing a smile to your customer’s face.

Writing better subject lines takes time, language aplomb and experience. Luckily for you, our team is equipped with all three and ready to help you create email campaigns that drive sales for your brand.