Have you heard about the original interruptive media that’s rivaling its competition?

Go ahead print this email. According to a Wayne State study, you’ll read it 10-30% faster. Worried about being green? Paper is renewable resource—it grows on trees of which there are 20% more of in our country than there were in 1977.

Print is a 24/7 media; 80% of households read or browse their advertising mail; 43% of respondents to a Ropers Public Affairs survey say that print is “less annoying than the internet”.

In fact a Ball State study claims 59% of the participants agreed that print articles are more engaging for a user than online articles.

Be sure you’re sitting down for this next stat: When Millennials were asked how they felt about direct mail, they resoundingly replied, “Send me more!” with 87% reporting that they like receiving direct mail. Conversely, 50% said they ignore digital ads.

Now if you were asking yourself why an agency like ours that also proudly creates compelling email and online campaigns for the brands we represent would publish this seemingly-contradictory article? The answer is simple: we believe that the best campaigns will strategically include both print and email in the mix.