our story – a direct marketing heritage

Pioneers in direct marketing, our story began at NordicTrack, where DW partners Barb Thomas, Steve Siewert and Keith Thomas met. There they each played an integral part in creatively building the NordicTrack brand and selling A LOT (more than 26,000 units each day) through direct and retail marketing channels.

After Keith’s time at Dayton Hudson directing new catalog customer acquisition, Barb’s stint at GCC where she helped develop and launch the Target Club Wedd system and Steve’s agency and independent lead-design roles, the three launched DW Creative.

Founded in 1996, we saw an opportunity to help companies being underserved in their marketing and advertising.  Forged with experience in copywriting, creative direction, video production and lead design, DW sits as a leader in the industry in both traditional and digital marketing creative strategies.  Boutique in nature, we’ve stood the test of time.  And rooted in humble upbringings, we let our work speak for itself.  DW understands the importance of multi-channel integration and cutting through advertising clutter.  From campaign strategy to nourishing brands through direct response messaging and content, clients big and small continually see success.

Won’t you try us on for size? We fit like a glove for large and small clients and we’d love to work with you.

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