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converting leads

Client Details

Market: Consumer Electronics
Years as a Client: 2
Skills: Concept, Design, Copywriting, Development
Mediums: Lead Nurture Direct Mail, E-mail

Philips Lifeline tapped into DW for our expertise in branded direct response. More specifically, the success we’ve seen in converting leads into sales. The goal was to build a relationship with the lead and incentivize them to purchase. Our strategy was to create a drop and offer calendar that utilizes direct mail strategy accompanied by email marketing. ¬†Each offer was sweetened from the last and provided expiration as motivation. Furthermore, DW utilized a logic-ladder throughout the messaging, which guides the consumer to clearly understand the end-benefit of the product and how it solves a problem. With both a caregiver and user target audience, our results are exceeding expectations. It’s not just about acquiring leads…it’s about converting leads as well!

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