If you’re like many other marketers, when times are tight you carefully evaluate how marketing dollars are spent. More often than not you elect to reuse rather than redo. But now your marketing materials feel a little stale. With the improving economy, consumers are showing more and more signs of renewed spending. Now is the time evaluate the efficacy of your current creative marketing materials and campaigns. Smart advertisers will be ready with new messages and updated design.
But wait—last you looked your marketing budget hasn’t doubled. So how can you present your customers something new and fresh to spark their spending without breaking the bank? Here are our top 3 recommendations:

Refresh catalog pages with new shots from the same shoot

Our photography teams take dozens of shots for every product sold. You can often select a new feature shot and completely update a catalog page.

Refresh DR-TV with a new edit

Can’t reshoot the entire campaign? That’s OK. A good producer can help you revitalize a spot by updating testimonials and graphics.

Make your DM more powerful. Take a close and careful look at your messaging.

Is it still relevant? Chances are you brand has leapt to new heights since you last updated your control package. Make sure that what your customers hear from you is the latest news.