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Let’s just say it: this is [insert cliche of your choice]. And let’s get on with 2020—part 2!

Here are the top 3 ways to jumpstart your marketing as the lockdown ends:

1. Interruptive digital is essential

Digital will be king for a long time to come. Make sure your campaign is engaging with messages that resonate with your target audience. We recommend a full digital suite approach armed with email (several drops of the same campaign never hurt), social and web ads.

2. Great offers will accelerate response

While you may be tempted to “make up” for lost sales during the lockdown, consumers aren’t ready to spend more just yet. Why not concentrate on building brand and product loyalty, and “thank” customers for shopping by offering them the very best quality at the very best price? We believe this approach today will motivate future sales and the ever-important word-of-mouth recos.

3. Avoid hard selling and “better than thou” chest pounding

Please don’t remind your customer of how hard it’s been for your company or of your COVID philanthropy. It’s so much sweeter when they discover how great you are all on their own—and they will! Just be sure your website subtly offers this info. Opt instead for an optimistic, cheerful voice in your marketing communications. And remember to let them know how your product solves their problem better than anyone else!