Get to know your target customer

As part of the discovery phase for every new assignment, we challenge ourselves to identify (pretty precisely) just “who” our creative needs to attract.

And while you may say to yourself, “Oh, I know who our target customer is,” filling in the blanks below might help you more-clearly identify the problem your customer is facing, and how your product is the best solution. (Don’t you just love traditional DR thinking?)

Sally (or Sam) is my ideal customer. She is ____ years old. She is most frustrated by ___________ and sometimes even wakes up in the middle of the night worrying about _____________. If she could wiggle her nose to change something, the first thing she’d change would be ___________. But she currently believes in the myth of _______________.

So, I need to help her understand that ______________. She uses ________ and ________ to get information, and is most influenced by ______________. She has probably googled _______________. The one thing that will get her to consider buying from me is ___________. We can solve her problem because we can/will _________________. And to help her make a decision, I’ll offer her ____________.

Now, check your latest creative message. Is it time for a redirect? For creative that gets your best potential customer to respond, be sure your team has invested their energies against getting to KNOW your customer.